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Intelligent clothing folding machine effectively solves the problem of clothing packaging efficiency

Publication time:2021/08/24

At present, the biggest problems faced by the clothing industry are difficult recruitment, low efficiency and high cost. After the completion of clothing production, the clothing needs to be folded to facilitate packaging. Now, the clothing is usually folded manually, but the clothing factory needs to pack a large number of clothing. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to only rely on manual clothing folding, and the labor cost is expensive. 

The emergence of intelligent folding machine has effectively solved this problem. The intelligent folding machine can efficiently fold and pack batch clothes. It can automatically fold clothes, automatically pack them into bags, and automatically seal bags. The folding of clothes by the intelligent folding machine is completed on the belt of the intelligent folding machine. First, the clothes are laid flat on the belt of the folding machine. While the folding machine belt conveys the clothes, the machine automatically folds the clothes left and right, folds the clothes back and forth, and folds the clothes small. At the exit, the machine opens the packaging bag, and the folding machine belt conveys the folded clothes to the packaging bag, so that a piece of clothing can be folded and packaged quickly! The packaging speed is 8-12 pieces per minute and 450-720 pieces per hour, which saves a lot of labor costs for enterprises and greatly improves production efficiency. It is suitable for major garment enterprises.