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Tunnel ironing machine with built-in boiler

Publication time:2022/12/08

Tunnel ironing machine, also known as ironing system and high-temperature steam ironing, is a modern common equipment that can iron clothes and fabrics in batches. The tunnel ironing machine continuously contacts clothes and cloth with high-temperature steam generated by multiple heating and atomization generated in the nozzle. The purpose of softening clothes and cloth fiber organization is achieved by using high-temperature and high-pressure steam. The temperature and steam volume are controlled through intelligent lines, and the clothes and cloth are leveled with the actions of "pulling", "pressing" and "spraying".

Hanyu intelligent equipment tunnel ironing machine is a modular tunnel ironing system with high efficiency, stable performance and strong flexibility. Based on modular design, it can carry out a variety of combinations and options according to needs, and provide options of external steam type and internal boiler type. The brand-new clothing on-line device is compatible with the transportation of clothes hangers of different specifications and materials (plastic clothes hangers and steel wire clothes hangers). An exhaust system is added in the drying area, which can quickly and effectively adjust the humidity and temperature in the channel.