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Hanyu Intelligence: Qingdao exhibition is in full swing!

Publication time:2023/06/28

The Qingdao Hongdao exhibition was held from June 28 to June 30. Under the leadership of hanti group, hanti technology, Lihan machinery and Hanyu intelligent company were held at the 2023 csite China (Qingdao) International Textile, clothing and footwear intelligent manufacturing supply chain Expo in Qingdao Hongdao International Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. Our staff arranged everything on the booth early and waited for customers' arrival.


The visitors who came and went saw our machines and came forward to investigate. What came into view was our automatic clothing packaging machine, which could solve the last pain point of the clothing weaving industry - simple and fast packaging.


For a long time, Hanyu intelligence has closely followed the needs of end customers, based on the intelligent trend of the device end, and has made a more accurate judgment on customer pain points and industry trends, thus innovating and launching a variety of automation equipment to provide customers with better product equipment.

After-sale service

Hendy group has technical experts and sales engineers all over the country, aiming to provide customers with various solutions to meet their needs. In order to enable customers not only to enjoy the use of advanced technology, efficient and high-quality products and systems, but also to obtain strong technical support, as well as high-quality and fast service, to ensure rapid response to customers, and strive to send professional teams in a shorter time to meet customer needs at all levels, from sales, technical support, training to after-sales service.